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Waikato TimeBank

Happy Bees

Kia ora koutou, 

We’d like to introduce you to a new TimeBank initiative called Happy Bees -

a TimeBank initiative designed to help each other complete projects,then celebrate with a shared meal. completing projects together, then sharing a meal. 

Happy Bees is a Timebank way of getting the work done because its more fun when we come together and we all love food!

 How it works

Need help with a project? It could be yard clean up, moving house, getting the garage organised, etc. 

  1.  Give us the details of your project and we’ll organise a time with you.
  2. We’ll notify the Timebankers and see who’s keen to volunteer. 
  3. We’ll communicate to you and the volunteers what the plan is. 
  4. On the day, you and the volunteers will bring a plate to share (e.g. shared lunch), complete the mahi (work), then share kai (food).

Example: Ro would like 2 people to help organise his garden shed with him as he’s in a wheelchair and cannot reach the top shelves. He estimates it might take 1 hour. 

 Brad & Mikaela volunteer and meet up with Ro on the day. Ro, Brad & Mikaela all prepare/bring some food to share. After completing the mahi, they sit together and enjoy their lunch. 

 Through TimeBank, Ro exchanges 1 time credit to Brad and 1 time credit to Mikaela.


Yes I have a project in mind

Fill out this form and we’ll be in touch!

Community projects form

I’m keen to volunteer

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Volunteers form

 What if I don’t have enough time credits?

Let’s see if we can sort something out. Flick us an email.