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Waikato TimeBank

Goals & Core Values


Hamilton TimeBank was started in 2012 by Hamilton Permaculture Trust.  Because the TimeBank was started by the community we want to work together with people, families, groups, and businesses to:-

·         Strengthen our community.

·         Empower people and communities.

·         Help people get to know each other and be connected.

We know that each person has talents to share, and that the community is strengthened when neighbours help one another. For every hour that you help meet the needs of another member, you earn a time credit. You can then use this time credit to buy services from others, and the cycle of giving-and-taking continues.


Core Values

TimeBanking works by five core values, as written by Edgar Cahn, the founder of TimeBanking.  These are:-

·         We are all assets - Everyone can help other people.  In the TimeBank everyone’s time is valued the same.

·         Redefine work - The kind of work that builds community needs to be rewarded – building strong families and community, making democracy (the system of government that we have at the moment) work, and making the planet more sustainable.

·         Reciprocity - TimeBanks are based on giving and taking.  We often ask, can I help you and very rarely ask can you help me?  TimeBanks focus on helping each other – networks are stronger than people on their own.

·         Social Capital - TimeBanks create and strengthen social networks, and help people trust, give-and-take and get involved.

·         Respect - Respecting all people and the part they play in our community.


These values form the foundation of Waikato Timebank and we keep doing them in all of our work.